Fundamental Difference Between Generic And Ethical Medicine

Difference Between Generic And Ethical Medicine

The pharmaceutical industry is growing by leaps and bounds and will continue to be so in the years to come. With that, the Propaganda and Distribution (PCD) is also spreading its wings far and wide marking a boom in the domain of medicine and healthcare products and services. The sole reason is that the pharmaceutical industry is one of those business ventures having no end in sight, which means, it is future-oriented and knows the ‘tricks of the trade’ to sustain and flourish in this highly competitive scenario of the drug market, comprising of Generic Medicine, Ethical Medicine and brand name medicine.

 Generic Medicine-

Generic Medicine is a significant segment of Indian pharmacy. Parent companies directly sell Generic Medicine to the end retailers. Distribution channels also have a major role to play in gaming up sales of Generic Medicine and there are designated sales representatives to carry out their respective roles in this regard.

Generic Medicine, an identical version of brand name drugs, uses a similar administration route and displays the products’ brand names, having the same quality and performance levels. The only difference between Generic Medicine and regular ones is that Generic Medicine is less expensive and relatively reasonably priced than regular ones. It is the cost-effectiveness factor of Generic Medicine that makes them accessible to economically fewer sound strata of people or consumers. So, in a way, Generic Medicine potentially helps in maintaining and securing the health of countless poor people. Going by the latest Pharma news, Generic Medicine has enormous opportunities in the Indian Pharma sector, with people belonging to the lowest economic rung of society availing its facilities thereby helping out Generic Medicine in reaping benefits, making room for retail options and boom. 

Ethical Medicine- 

Ethical pharma, to put it, Ethical Medicine is the conventional and most popular segment of the pharmaceutical industry, entailing all kinds of medicinal drugs spreading via medical representatives. Ethical Medicine business venture has direct dealings with doctors, aiming to elucidate the effectiveness and pros of the recently launched medicine or product. After all, the sales professionals are the ones who are entrusted with the marketing and selling of medicinal products to end consumers. And it is their selling potential that plays a decisive role in paving the success for pharma companies. Ethical pharma business venture is a straightforward process with no mediator involved in it and any indirect exchange or dealings is not a part of an Ethical Medicine business venture.  

Ethical Medicine is the one type for a specific clinical situation backed by evidence or findings, reasoning, and legitimate principles. However, medical ethics are stringently adhered to for providing Ethical Medicine to the consumers. It’s a prescription drug that can be obtained by the patient only after a legit doctor’s prescription. No one can purchase it without showing such valid prescriptions. For instance, the Ethical Medicine Alprazolam is only available on doctor’s prescriptions, varying from cough suppressants or the on-prescription-based OTC medicines.

Despite the major difference between Generic Medicine and Ethical Medicine businesses, they all belong to the pharma family having distinctive distribution channels and networks. The application of meticulous marketing tactics and campaigns in any sector would make way for meaningful outcomes reaching both the genre to a dizzying height of success. General Medicine and Ethical Medicine are ‘two sides of the same coin. 

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