Discerning Difference Between Pharmacy Franchise And PCD Franchise


In the present situation, many people are wary of venturing into independent businesses for potential risk factors, and look for franchising their preferred products leaving no chances of getting bankrupt. However, the term ‘Franchise’ has its origin in an Anglo-French word meaning ‘Liberty’. A quick glance at the pharmaceutical industry indicates that there are two major types of franchise agreements prevalent in the current market scenario-pharma, in other words, Pharmacy Franchise Agreement and PCD Franchise Agreement, both having their fair share of benefits and shortcomings.

Pharmacy Franchise – Pharmacy Franchise can be defined as an authorization or permission granted by Government or a pharma company or an organization possessing the rights, to an individual or a group entitled to perform specified commercial works and duties in the role of an agent for marketing, sales or promoting assigned company’s products. Pharmaceutical companies have a plethora of products to choose from and they’re always on the go to create and develop new products. This type of pharma franchise agreement imparts pharma companies a hike in their annual incomes apart from the regular ones.

PCD Franchise – PCD is an acronym denoting Propaganda Cum Distribution. It is the quintessential jargon used in the pharmaceutical domain, a relatively new concept or notion in the present market scenario. PCD Franchise is, in fact, a win-win situation for both pharma companies and PCD Franchise holder. It’s an authorization granted by pharmaceutical company for executing company’s proprietary knowledge and expertise, products, trademarks, patents for monopoly rights and other mutually agreed terms, conditions and formally written undertaking between the parties.

Major Notable Differences Between Pharmacy Franchise & PCD Franchise – Pharmacy Franchise and PCD Franchise are often misconstrued amongst the laymen. However, the main difference between the two concept is:

Investment Plan-The investment required in a Pharmacy Franchise is bigger as compared to PCD Franchise. if you’re a novice having less investment, then PCD is your ‘go-to’ choice anyday, anytime. On the contrary, many pharma companies act defensive, putting a ‘thumbs-up’ to pharma franchise providing them with loan and credit facilities, unlike in PCD where it’s unseen and unheard of. Investment involved in Pharmacy Franchise is genuine, not requiring to submit partial payment like PCD Franchise.

Experience Criteria-Under Pharmacy Franchise, the minimum criteria or requirement is SSC or higher secondary education from a well-known Board, having a good experience of at least 2-4 years in a managerial designation. Whereas in PCD Franchise, anyone can apply for business without prior experience.

Sales Target Strategies-PCD Franchise offers freedom in work sphere, having no specific sales target as such, the icing on the cake being some companies giving bonus on achieving maximum target. On the other hand, Pharmacy Franchise has minimal sales target to attain.

Promotional Planning & Program-The heart-wrenching news is that pharma companies do not act a supporting system to PCD Franchise, unlike in Pharmacy Franchise. The harsh truth is that words of promise related to promotional inputs and campaigns like reminder cards, ADI, calendars, pen, diaries, etc., are always kept with all pharma franchise members. PCDs are barred from all these promotional activities.

Allotted Area Coverage-Pharma franchise business ventures are given wider area of allotment under control. They own the prerogative of taking full charge of many PCD Business ventures. Whereas, PCD operates on small area coverage.

However, when it comes to growth opportunities, both stand a fair and equal chance. But if anyone wants to initiate a business in the arena of pharmacy, then PCD Franchise is the first and obvious choice, taking baby steps inching towards a great future.

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