Prerequisites For PCD Pharmacy Franchise

Pcd Pharmacy Franchisee Business in India

If you aspire to start your business venture, then PCD Pharmacy Franchise is the perfect choice for you. It is the best profitable venture which will pay rich dividends in the long run. To initiate a PCD Pharmacy Franchise, you require a good pharma company to guide you through thick and thin. For a meaningful collaboration, you should have a fair idea of the criteria or requirements needed to acquire a PCD Pharmacy Franchise. 

PCD Pharmacy Franchise business is a flourishing pharma marketing business in today’s time. A medicine franchise is a respectable venture combined with good earnings to start with and make a mark in your career. Nowadays, people invest a sizeable chunk of their money and share in healthcare needs in the prospect of huge annual turnover. And they are right in their decision with a rising demand of medical care needs with every passing day. 

Tips To Opt For The Best PCD Pharmacy Franchise- 

All your efforts will go in vain if you do not manage to get a reputed pharma company to start your PCD Pharma Franchise. You need to shortlist the best pharmaceutical company for a fruitful collaboration. Below are pointers to ‘rise and shine’ in the PCD Pharma Franchise business:

      • The pharma company should have an ISO certification with DCGI approval of the list of drugs.
      • Have a look at available medicines offered for PCD Pharma Franchise in your area.
      • You need to have an inkling of medicines in high demand after an in-depth survey, making way for the type of PCD Pharma Franchise you want to apply for. Listing the companies is a wise idea./
      • It’s always better if the pharma company owns GMP-WHO units, which helps you to fulfil all your requirements for future growth prospects.
      •  Thorough research about the company’s whereabouts and credentials, benefits as franchise member and profit margins offered to PCD Pharma Franchise vendors, will do the needful. 

Essentials To Initiate PCD Pharmacy Franchise Venture: 


You need to meet the minimal criteria for applying as a PCD Pharmacy Franchise vendor, which varies from company to company. You should have at least Rs.50,000 for investment at the business’s starting phase, and during the process of the journey, you have to shell out Rs.3-4 Lakhs till the time business is stabilized, which normally takes 8-10 months. Cutting down on overhead costs is a necessity for saving up money for better business planning in future. Make sure to select companies providing credit facilities to its members. 

Experience & Qualification-

You will need to have a few years of experience in the sales and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs to make a foray into the PCD Pharmacy Franchise business. Moreover, you should be at least a 12th pass out or SSC clear. Other than these, professional pharma people are at an advantage of directly applying for PCD Pharmacy Franchise like:

      • Distributors of Pharma Products
      • Individuals/Group of Individuals
      • Medium Scale Pharma Companies
      • Wholesalers & Retailers
      • Small Scale Pharma Companies
      • Pharmacists registered under State Pharmacy Council 

Legal Documents & License-

Pharma industry is known for applying stringent rules and regulations, including various licenses and registrations made mandatory to achieve a PCD Pharmacy Franchise. The documents needed to submit to the pharma company for procuring PCD Pharmacy Franchise are:

      • Drug License Number: Rs.5000 varying from state to state.
      • Tax Identification Number (TIN): Rs.4500.
      • Good & Sales Tax (GST) registration for availing government benefits.

These are the common requirements for a PCD Pharmacy Franchise business venture and anyone with a flair and the right kind of attitude should go for it unhesitatingly.

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