Top Players In India’s Pharmacy Franchise

India’s Pharmacy Franchise

Whereas the detrimental effects of COVID-19 still haunt us, not showing any sign of withdrawal from human lives, the only ‘silver lining’ amongst the dark ominous clouds is the thriving and flourishing of Pharmacy franchise businesses. India is well-known for manufacturing drugs at a cheaper price. However, starting one’s medical store poses a great number of factors to get fulfilled such as requiring licenses, permits, good product line, proper knowledge and experience. A franchise, say, Best Ethical medicine franchise, gets a reputed brand name, access to the existing chains of trustworthy suppliers, avenues for procuring goods at a satisfactory price, and exposure to foolproof business ventures and procedures. An entrepreneur has the prerogative to open either a medical store or initiate an online Pharmacy franchise, the latter being a highly popular concept, permitting flexible working hours, and saving a lot of money on rent or buying store premises.

However, falling under the category of the Best Ethical medicine franchise is Huckel’s Lab, the No.1 Pharmaceutical Distributor Company in India, providing the best Ethical Pharmacy franchise all over the country, providing 100% assurance of using high-grade chemicals with the most effective composition. Equipped with efficient and diligent teams having years of experience and expertise, Huckel’s Lab has emerged as the ‘numero uno’ pharmaceutical company, in fact, the best Multinational Pharmacy Franchise with steadfast vision and noble mission of deciphering outstanding products and services to its esteemed customers/distributors.

Being ranked as a renowned ISO, GMO & WHO certified Ethical Pharma Company in India, Huckel’s Lab’ forte lies in:

  • Ethical Pharma Franchise
  • Allopathic Pharma Franchise
  • Monopoly Pharma Franchise
  • Gastro PCD Pharma Franchise
  • Neuro Psychiatric PCD Pharma Franchise
  • Ortho PCD Pharma Franchise
  • Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise

To put it simply, Huckel’s Lab is synonymous with precision, effectiveness, purity and authenticity-all rolled into one!

Apart from Huckel’s Lab topping the chart as the best Ethical Pharma Franchise category, some well-known Pharmacy franchises in India are:

  1. GenMart Generic Pvt. Ltd.- Founded in 2018 and franchising since 2019, with Pharmacy franchise units less than 10, GenMart is a one-stop-shop pharmacy for prescribed drugs and healthcare and wellness requirements, offering the benefits of low marketing costs of generic pharmaceutical products.
  2. Care Pharmacy- Founded in 2017 and franchising since 2018, with less than 10 franchise units, Care Pharmacy is one of the largest & fastest Best generic medicine franchises in Gujarat, offering a wide array of more than 4,000 products & over 1000 generic modules, having retailed in medicines from top-notch companies like Cipla, Zydus, Heinz, Glenmark, etc.
  3. Living Healthy 24- Established in 2016 and franchising since 2019 with less than 10 franchise units, Living Healthy, Kolkata-based Culmination Healthcare Private Limited, is an integrated healthcare solution & service provider, the Best generic medicine franchise, offering genuine medicines, doctors, consultations, and diagnostic services.
  4. Sanjivani- Founded in 2006 and franchising since 2015 with 20-50 franchise units, Sanjivani is a reputed name, providing all-encompassing, best-in-class solutions in Pharmacy franchise, specialising in providing a wide range of products.
  5. EMedix- Established in 2016 and franchised since 2018 with 20 franchise units, EMedix is an online pharmaceutical company, offering outstanding delivery & flexible payment mechanisms, including prescription’s e-copy.
  6. SastaSundar- Founded in 2013 and franchising since 2013, having 100-200 Pharmacy franchise units, Sasta Sundar is an evolving, unique digital healthcare store, the Best generic medicine franchise, providing low-cost genuine medicines free of cost at your doorsteps, simultaneously offering brands about Personal Care, Healthcare, Beauty Care, Herbal and Organic products.
  7. Apollo Pharmacy- Established in 1983 and franchising since 1987, with more than 3500 outlets in about 400 cities, Appollo Pharmacy is a 24X7 Pharmacy franchise, the Best generic medicine franchise, providing world-class services and solutions to innumerable people.
  8. DavaIndia- Founded in 1995 and franchised since 2017 with more than 550 stores, DavaIndia Generic Pharmacy, a unit of Zota Healthcare Ltd. is India’s top-rank medicine forum specialising in generic medications and supplying them at a low price.
  9. MedLife- Founded in 2014 and franchised since 2017 with more than 800+ franchise units, MedLife International Pvt. Ltd., MedLife is India’s largest online Pharmacy franchise, delivering 20000 medicines across 29 states.
  10. MedPlus Pharmacy- Established in 2006 and franchised since 2015 with 20-50 franchising units, MedPlus is a reliable brand, having the largest retail chain of pharmacies in India with stores across 12 states and over 150 cities and more than 1350 pharmacies.

However, there’s no denying the fact that in this highly competitive market of the pharmaceutical business, to be precise, Ethical Pharmacy franchise, with a plethora of pharmacies flooding the market, each having its distinctive brand value and worth, the one thing that stands out and appears like a knight in shining armour’ is Huckel’s Lab with its medical products in dosage forms like tablets, capsules, ointments, syrups, accessible to common people in smart attractive packages. An achievement in itself!

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